Can I practice?

Yes!  Practice time is very valuable and we offer several ways to obtain practice in bare rubber class or studs class (there is no practice for Cheaters).

Morning practice takes place every race day.  After you register, you can head out to the courses and practice until 9am.  If you arrive late you will not get to practice, so plan ahead!  The earlier you arrive, the easier it is to get multiple practice laps in.

We host two dates every year dedicated to practice called “Fun Days”.  These practice days are always on Fridays, one at the beginning of the season and one at the end of the season (check the schedule for exact dates).  It’s only $25 for the day and you can return to staging for as many laps as you wish.  Please check the website for more information on these days.

The final way to obtain practice is to stay after your race and do some additional practice.  It is open only to drivers who registered for the races.  This is only offered on days when we have extra resources, space and time.