What is a Tech Inspection?

A Tech Inspection makes sure that all vehicles that compete in our events are mechanically safe and that they comply with the rules.  Formal inspections are only done once a season (vehicles may be re-teched at any time at the discretion of the officials).  Inspections take about 5 minutes and you must get them done before you register for the first time each season.  An Our Gang Member will go over a checklist with your vehicle before giving you an inspection sticker with a number on it.  This number identifies your vehicle in our records, so keep the sticker and remember the number for the season.  You will also receive a copy of our rule book after you successfully pass inspection.  There is an inspection fee, but you only pay it once a season.  $10 for each vehicle.  The members at the Registration trailer can direct you to the Tech line.  Tech will open at 7:30 am and will be available until 8:45 am every Saturday and Sunday and may be available on the first Practice Day of the season.

If you only plan to come to a Fun Day, your vehicle will still have to pass a basic safety and condition inspection.