What is the Cheater Invitational?

The Cheater Invitational is the BIG Championship race.  All season long we run cheater events.  Drivers compete in these events to earn a position in the Invitational.  If you finish in the top five you earn points towards the Invitational.  The top 8 drivers from the Women’s class and the top 8 drivers from the Men’s class at the end of the season are invited to participate in the Invitational.  These 16 drivers pick numbers and are placed into a single elimination bracket.  Winners advance and continue racing until there is only one driver left.  Drivers get a plaque and hold onto the traveling trophy until next season.  The Invitational is run the morning on the last Sunday of the season.  Since drivers earn their positions, invitations are extended and there are no additional fees to pay.  This is a great race to watch because cheaters is very fast paced and the best drivers of the season are competing against one another.