What is the Kid’s Race and how do I get my kids involved?

We put on this fun, non-competitive event on the fourth Sunday of our schedule each year.  Kids who are under driving age can participate; and we have kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers.  The appeal of the Kid’s Race is it is our only event that allows the kids to drive a lap.  Smaller children sit on their parent’s laps and steer the vehicles, while older children –  who are able can actually drive themselves.  Every child that completes their lap gets a trophy.  If you’re interested in getting your kids involved, we ask that kid participants be related to or a guest of adult racers and the vehicles be the same that are entered in the ice racing events.   There are no additional fees and you enter your kids at your own risk.  Thanks to Rich Mulvey who supplies us with trophies each year!  More information on this event is posted on the website in the weeks leading up to the event.