What is the Rookie Race?

The Rookie Race is held on select Sundays and is for bare rubber participants.  To register you must meet two requirements:

#1 – You must register and participate in the day’s Street or Pro Street bare rubber race.

#2 – You cannot have won any points or trophies with Our Gang in the last 3 years (2012, 2013 and 2014).  Click here for the list of drivers who are ineligible to enter the Rookie Race.

Drivers who meet both requirements; can register for the Rookie Race for free.  The Rookie Race will take place after all the regularly scheduled events have finished.  Drivers will be paired just like any other race and will race to a top 5 finish.  Only the first place winner of each Rookie Race will receive a prize.  However, everyone that enters can earn points for the Rookie of the Year Championship which will be awarded at the Award Banquet in March.  If there is a tie after the last Rookie Race of the Year; eligible drivers will race off for the over-all Championship.