Question & Answer

This page has the answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.  Simply click on the question and the answer will scroll out.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please e-mail us and we’ll do our best to help you.

“Safety First” Statement

Safety is our club’s top priority.  In our 40 year history we have never had a serious injury associated with the racing.  A big part of this is our due to our participants.  YOU are the first and most formidable ally in your safety.  We expect drivers to be familiar with our rules and procedures before they register to compete.  We strongly urge you to read a CURRENT copy of the rules and get any questions you may have answered (a copy of the rule book is available on this site along with contact information for questions).  Drivers should be aware of their surroundings and in control of their vehicle at all times, even during the race.  Safety equipment should be properly worn, we require it for a reason.  And finally any directions given by club members should be followed, especially in an emergency.  Our Gang members are pointed out at the Driver’s Meeting and often wear shirts or jackets to identify themselves.  Any problems you encounter on the lake should be brought to our attention as soon as possible.  We will not tolerate any action that threatens the safety of drivers, passengers, specatators or officials/volunteers.

Is the ice safe?

We always check the ice depth and quality in 4 different areas before we let anyone enter the lake.  The ice in Georgetown averages 12 to 22 inches throughout the two months we race.  We need to have 12 inches to hold a race, 18 inches before we allow trucks and trailers onto the ice and 20+ inches before we allow large RVs out.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re on the ice:

1.  We need to maintain even weight distribution.  We ask that everyone park 20 feet apart in the pit area.  Even individual vehicles need to park with space around them.  Don’t park all in the same area like a parking lot or cluster around the trucks, trailers or RVs that are in the pits.

2.  It is very important that you stay in our area of the lake, which is marked at the boundary.  We share the lake with other outdoor enthusiasts (like ice fisherman).  Also, there are natural springs around the lake (which don’t freeze as deep as the rest of the ice), most of which are outside our racing boundary.

3.  Pay attention to where you are driving and what the surface is like.  We will try to mark old bolt tracks, ice fishing holes and other areas of ice that are healing, so you can drive around them.

Can I crash into anything while I’m racing?

No.  Heats are run with only 2 vehicles on the track at the same time.  Each vehicle starts in their own gate, on opposite sides of the track, so no contact is ever made.  No wheel to wheel racing is allowed at any time.  Also, we do not have any solid barriers (walls, barricades, tires, bales, etc…) on the track to slide into.  Anytime you are driving off the race course at our events you need to be at idle speed.  This includes staging, the pit areas, the parking lots and after crossing the finish line.  This is so crucial because we are on glare ice and there are lots of other drivers, spectators, pets, kids and equipment around you.

What is “Bare Rubber”?

Bare Rubber refers to a class of tires.  These tires must not have any traction modifiers in them.  Just the bare rubber on the ice.  Street division drivers run the tires they drive to the events on, typically all seasons or other daily driving tire compounds.  Pro Street and Competition are allowed to run tires that are designed for ice driving or tires that have a very soft rubber compound.  You can check the rule book for more specifications on these classes.

What are “Studs”?

Studs refers to a class of tires that is raced in all 3 divisions.  Street Studs are street legal studded tires that the competitor drives to the event on.  Pro Street studs are 17mm and most tires are handmade or factory made and designed for ice racing.  Competition studs are 20mm and all of the tires are handmade.  The traction from the studs adds more speed than the bare rubber classes.  You can check the rule book for more specifications for these classes.

What should I wear?

It is usually cold, and often windy.  We recommend you wear at a minimum, a heavy coat, gloves and a hat.  Most veteran racers wear a few layers of clothes, something to cover their faces and warm shoes too.  Also, remember you are walking on ice, so you may want to wear ice grips over your shoes, so you don’t fall down.  These are found at most sportsman stores.

What are “Cheaters”?

Cheaters refers to the type of tires we run on Saturdays in the Competition division only.  These tires are also referred to as “bolts”.  These tires have 1 1/2″ bolts protruding from the tread that have been sharpened to a point.  These classes have a lot of traction and speed.  You can check the rule book for more specifications about these classes.

What is the weather like?

It may look sunny in Georgetown, but it still often quite cold and usually windy.  It is very tolerable if you dress warmly.  We pretty much hold our events regardless of weather, so be prepared.  You will be out of your vehicle and away from the heater at least a few times during the day (Registration, Driver’s Meeting or for any flagging or staging shifts you volunteer for).

Can I stay overnight in Georgetown?

Yes!  There are several hotels in Georgetown; the Georgetown Mountain Inn (303-569-3201) works the closest with our club and drivers.  If you have an RV or camper you can park with our group in the Clear Creek County Annex parking lot (across the creek from The Alpine Restaurant & Georgetown Mountain Inn).  You must sign a waiver prior to December 19, 2015 to camp there overnight.  Please e-mail us to obtain a waiver.  There are several restaurants in town and on Saturdays we hold our award presentations at the Alpine Restaurant & Bar as well.

Where are the award presentations?

On Saturdays, we will be having our award presentations at the Lucha Cantina in Georgetown (  Drive into town on Argentine, turn left on 6th and they will be on your left before you get to Rose Street. There are public parking lots for cars, trailer parking can be a little more tricky.  Our group will be downstairs.  These are always family friendly and all of our participants are invited to attend, just RSVP when we count at the Driver’s Meeting on Saturday Morning.  

On Sundays, we have the presentations on the ice after the events have finished.

What are the requirements to participate?

To enter the race you need a valid Driver’s License and you need to show it at Registration.  If you have a Learner’s Permit, it must be valid and you must have a parent, legal guardian or other licensed driver over the age of 21 in the passenger’s seat while you’re driving.  If you have a permit, you cannot run Cheaters.  All drivers must sign a waiver and those that are under 18 must have a parent or guardian present to sign their waiver.  You will also need to show current proof of insurance at the time of Registration.  Drivers also need to be familiar with their vehicle, so they are able to drive safely.

Can I practice?

Yes!  Practice time is very valuable and we offer several ways to obtain practice in bare rubber class or studs class (there is no practice for Cheaters).

Morning practice takes place every race day.  After you register, you can head out to the courses and practice until 9am.  If you arrive late you will not get to practice, so plan ahead!  The earlier you arrive, the easier it is to get multiple practice laps in.

We host two dates every year dedicated to practice called “Fun Days”.  These practice days are always on Fridays, one at the beginning of the season and one at the end of the season (check the schedule for exact dates).  It’s only $25 for the day and you can return to staging for as many laps as you wish.  Please check the website for more information on these days.

The final way to obtain practice is to stay after your race and do some additional practice.  It is open only to drivers who registered for the races.  This is only offered on days when we have extra resources, space and time.

Do you have a rookie school or ice driving class?

No, we do not.  The best advice for new drivers is to watch the other drivers.  See how they drive the track and what is working best.  Then go out and get as much seat time as possible either practicing or racing.

We do want to note that we offer a Rookie Race a couple times a year in bare rubber so the less experienced drivers can race each other after the regular race and gain confidence and experience.  Take advantage of this race!

How much does it cost to enter?

Here is our 2017 Fee Schedule:

Fun Day Entry: $20 per Driver
Fun Day Only Safety Inspection: $5 per vehicle per Fun Day

Race Entry: $20 per Driver per Class
Drivers 60 and older race for half price. 

Late Entry: $30 per Driver per Class
The late entry fee is charged to any driver who wishes to register late, which is after 9am and prior to the start of the Driver’s Meeting.

Race Tech Inspection: $10 per vehicle
Once paid is good for the rest of the race season

*Occasionally we hold special events or unique races, pricing may vary for these, so check the website for more information.

New in 2017! Introducing online registration now open:


How do I register?


Registration is only open on the morning of the event.  Registration opens at approx. 7:30 am and will stay open until 9 am.  You can register late if you wish (only if you have had a Tech inspection done) and you will have to pay a late registration fee.  There are 3 steps in the Registration process.

#1 – Get Your Vehicle It’s Tech Inspection
This only has to be done once a season, at the first race you attend.  If you have already received your sticker and number you can skip this step.

#2 – Fill Out A Waiver/Registration Sheet
This also only has to be done once a season, at the first race you attend.  Sheets are available at the Registration Trailer.  They need to be completely filled out and signed before they can be accepted.  Minors (drivers under 18) must have their parent(s) sign their waiver.  We will also need to see your valid Driver’s License and valid Insurance Card (check your dates to make sure this is current!) at this time to verify the information your waiver.  Once you fill out a waiver, you will be in our database for the season. 

#3 – Pay Your Fees and Pick Your Staging Numbers
At every race you attend, you need to go to the Registration trailer to get registered for the day’s events.  Here you’ll pay your entry fees (remember to bring Cash!) and pick a staging number for every class you register to race in.  Put the number(s) on your headlight, windshield or bumper, so you can remember what they are.  These numbers are important because it is how we line up drivers in staging.  Numbers are selected randomly.  

Registration is a good place to meet other drivers and get your questions answered.  If you need any help with the process you can come to the Registration trailer.

What is a Tech Inspection?

A Tech Inspection makes sure that all vehicles that compete in our events are mechanically safe and that they comply with the rules.  Formal inspections are only done once a season (vehicles may be re-teched at any time at the discretion of the officials).  Inspections take about 5 minutes and you must get them done before you register for the first time each season.  An Our Gang Member will go over a checklist with your vehicle before giving you an inspection sticker with a number on it.  This number identifies your vehicle in our records, so keep the sticker and remember the number for the season.  You will also receive a copy of our rule book after you successfully pass inspection.  There is an inspection fee, but you only pay it once a season.  $10 for each vehicle.  The members at the Registration trailer can direct you to the Tech line.  Tech will open at 7:30 am and will be available until 8:45 am every Saturday and Sunday and may be available on the first Practice Day of the season.

If you only plan to come to a Fun Day, your vehicle will still have to pass a basic safety and condition inspection.

Do I need a helmet?

For Street Studs and Street Bare Rubber you will not need a helmet.  For all Pro Street and Competition classes you will need a good fitting helmet for both the driver and passenger.  Check the rule book for helmet specifications.

Our Gang has a limited number of helmets available to rent at the Registration Trailer.  You will need to leave your Driver’s License with us in exchange for a helmet.

Do I need to air down my tires?

This is entirely up to you.  The majority of bare rubber drivers do air down their tires, although the tire pressure you use each weekend will likely change.  Please keep in mind there is a minimum tire pressure allowance and that you can be disqualified if your tire loses its bead during the race.

How are eliminations run?

We pair drivers together using staging numbers.  We then run single eliminations until we have eight or six drivers who have all raced an equal number of rounds or five drivers.  This changes each race depending on the number of entrants.  These remaining drivers will now race off to determine who is placed in the top 5 bracket.

* If there are eight drivers, we run a “fours” bracket.  This means the eight drivers are paired to determine 4 winners and 4 losers.  The four winners race off for 1st through 4th place.  The four losers race off for 5th place.

* If there are six drivers, we run a “sixes” bracket.  This means the six drivers are paired to determine 3 winners and 3 losers.  The three winners race off for 1st through 3rd place.  The 3 losers race off for 4th and 5th place.

* If there are five drivers, we run a “fives” bracket.  This means we pair 4 of the first drivers, to determine 2 winners and 2 losers.  The losers now race off for 4th and 5th.  The remaining driver will race one of the winning 2 to determine their spot in the top 3.  Then they all race off for 1st through 3rd place.

* Note there is also a bracket used for seven drivers, but it is only used when there are only seven drivers entered into the class to begin with. 

What happens when I go on track for my race?

You will be paired to race another driver.  When you go on track, you both will drive out to your individual start gates.  The Center Ice Official will line each of you up at the start line using hand motions.  Once you are set, the Center Ice Official will point the flag at you, if you are ready give them a nod.  They will do so for the other competitor before placing the flag on the ice, once they lift the flag off the ice GO!  Do not move before the flag leaves the ice or you will be disqualified!  The objective is to navigate the course without hitting any pylons and be the first to return to your start gate.  Flaggers are positioned around the course to watch for DQs.  Two officials watch the finish line to determine who crosses first.  The Center Ice Official will point the checkered flag at the winner for everyone to see.  Always finish your lap, even if you make a mistake you may still win your round.  And always stick around after the heat until staging dismisses you; you may be eligible for a run-off.

What happens if there is a tie?

If there is a tie (the race was to close for the finish line flaggers to call), you will see the course flaggers circling their flags over their heads.  At this point, the heat will be re-run.  Drivers will SWITCH start gates and line up again.  If you need a cool-down or to take a mechanical allowance you need to let the Center Ice Official know.  Ties are almost always re-run until there is a winner.

How many laps will I get?

In the actual event, you are only guaranteed one lap.  After that, you must win to advance in the bracket and get more laps it’s up to you to get more laps.  (It depends how many drivers are registered in a class as to how many laps each event will run.)  Your lap count can increase if you practice, race in more than one tire class or sign up for the fun or Championship races we have planned throughout the season.

What track are we going to run?

The ice is a natural surface and the track committee has similar considerations other “off road” track officials do.  They base their decision each day on a couple of factors.

  1. What is the ice surface available?  Is there a lot of snow on the ice, is the ice rough in areas from frozen snow banks and are there other undulations in the ice?  Is there better traction on one side of the track versus the other?
  2. The condition of the ice on the day of the race?  Are there areas where the ice is unsafe because of ice fishing holes or springs?  This can limit their layout options.  Also, the surface of the ice can change day to day, is it slick, is it grippy, has it melted and refrozen (meaning it will be slicker as the day goes on)?
  3. They also need to consider the classes being run that day.  Rough tracks are ok for race vehicles being trailered home, not so much for street legal vehicles who need to get to work on Monday or who don’t have oil pan protection or safety equipment like roll cages.  Also, different tracks work better for fast, high grip Cheaters compared to Studs or Bare Rubber.
  4. They also consider variety, they try to set up different tracks throughout the season.  Some drivers prefer tight, technical tracks and others prefer fast, open designs.  We can’t please everyone, but we try to have a mix that appeals to most.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the track you practice on in the morning MAY be different then the one your class runs.  Usually we change tracks because of ice condtions.  Final track decisions are announced at the Driver’s Meeting each morning, so make sure you listen up.  Here are some basic tracks that we run and that we base some of our more complicated tracks on:

What can cause a loss of a heat?

Check the rule book for more information, only the most common losses are listed here.
#1 – Not finishing first
#2 – Hitting a cone (any contact with a cone is considered a loss)
#3 – Jumping the start line
#4 – Cutting a corner, missing a gate, finishing in the wrong gate
#5 – Not finishing a lap (leaving the track, mechanical failure, etc…)
#6 – Losing the bead on a tire
#7 – Roll over

Can I have passengers?

In Street you can have one adult passenger as long as they have proper restraints.  Young children can ride in addition as long as they are in car seats or seat belts (as appropriate by size).  You cannot hold children on your lap during a race, this is non-negotiable.  The safety committee must approve the restraints and the number of passengers in your vehicle.   No animals in the vehicle.
In Pro Street you can have one passenger as long as they have proper restraints and a good fitting helmet.  No animals in the vehicle.
In Competition there are no passengers allowed in the Cheater classes.  In studs and bare rubber you may have one passenger as they have proper restraints and a good fitting helmet.

Are there awards/prizes for winning?

Yes!  We recognize the top 5 drivers in EVERY class at a presentation each race day.  They receive a certificate and a small prize.  If you finish in the top 5 you also receive points that can be accumulated for the division point championship which is awarded at the end of the season.  More information about this can be found on this page.

What is the Kid’s Race and how do I get my kids involved?

We put on this fun, non-competitive event on the fourth Sunday of our schedule each year.  Kids who are under driving age can participate; and we have kids of all ages, from infants to teenagers.  The appeal of the Kid’s Race is it is our only event that allows the kids to drive a lap.  Smaller children sit on their parent’s laps and steer the vehicles, while older children –  who are able can actually drive themselves.  Every child that completes their lap gets a trophy.  If you’re interested in getting your kids involved, we ask that kid participants be related to or a guest of adult racers and the vehicles be the same that are entered in the ice racing events.   There are no additional fees and you enter your kids at your own risk.  Thanks to Rich Mulvey who supplies us with trophies each year!  More information on this event is posted on the website in the weeks leading up to the event.

What is the Go for the Gold/Silver/Bronze?

Each of these races allows drivers from all levels to get in some more race time.
The Go for the Bronze Race
The Go for the Bronze is an extra Championship race we run for the Street division.  We run a single elimination bracket combining both male and female drivers.  The last driver standing is the champion and they are awarded a trophy.  It’s run on bare rubber tires.  It’s a two lap heat race (instead of the regular one lap heat).  Anyone who competes in the Street Division can enter the race.  You can have 2 men and 2 women in each vehicle.
The Go for the Silver/Gold Race
The Go for the Silver is an extra Championship race we run for the Pro Street Division, the Go for the Gold is for the Competition division.  We run a single elimination bracket combining both male and female drivers.  The last driver standing is the champion and they are awarded a trophy.  It’s run on studded tires.  It’s a two lap heat race (instead of the regular one lap heat).  Anyone who competes in the Pro Street/Competition Division can enter the race.  You can have 2 men and 2 women in each vehicle.

What is the Cheater Invitational?

The Cheater Invitational is the BIG Championship race.  All season long we run cheater events.  Drivers compete in these events to earn a position in the Invitational.  If you finish in the top five you earn points towards the Invitational.  The top 8 drivers from the Women’s class and the top 8 drivers from the Men’s class at the end of the season are invited to participate in the Invitational.  These 16 drivers pick numbers and are placed into a single elimination bracket.  Winners advance and continue racing until there is only one driver left.  Drivers get a plaque and hold onto the traveling trophy until next season.  The Invitational is run the morning on the last Sunday of the season.  Since drivers earn their positions, invitations are extended and there are no additional fees to pay.  This is a great race to watch because cheaters is very fast paced and the best drivers of the season are competing against one another.

How are the Division Point Championships awarded?

We have 7 Divisions and all of these Divisions have their own point race.  At the end of the season, the top earner and the runner up are recognized.  The Competition Division has 18 point earning events, the Pro Street Division has 12 point earning events, the Street Divisions have 6 point earning events each.  Points are earned by driving in each of the events like so:
1st Place – 6 points
2nd Place – 5 points
3rd Place – 4 points
4th Place – 3 points
5th Place –  2 points
6th Place and Below – 1 point
We do not recognize ties in the point race.  The tie breakers are applied in the following order:
1.  The driver with the most first place finishes.
2.  The driver with the most second place finishes.
3.  The driver with the most third place finishes.
4.  The driver with the most fourth place finishes.
5.  A tie breaker race between the drivers in the tie.  The winner gets top position.

Point brackets are updated after each weekend and available to see at the Registration Trailer and here on the website.

Who is an Our Gang Member?

Gang Members are all volunteers who join Our Gang 4 Wheelers, Inc to help put on the ice races.  Members take care of all aspects of the races; planning, promotions, rule revisions, track set up, tech inspections, registration, assisting drivers, flagging, staging, safety and sponsorship.  They work hard to put on the events and put in extra time and attend meetings.  Therefore, members, especially Officers, have perks available to them (discounted race entry and the ability to vote on issues).  You do not have to be a member to ice race.

How can I join Our Gang?

Everyone is welcome to join Our Gang.  We have members from all divisions and levels of experience.  You fill out an application and turn it into our Club Secretary before the first race of the season.  Members need to apply every season.  The deadline for 2015 is December 28, 2014.  Once you do this, you can buy prepays at meetings and vote.  There are no requirements or mandatory attendance.  Help on the weekends flagging or start attending meetings and join a committee.  We need all the help we can get!  

Can I attend your meetings?

Yes, you can attend an Our Gang Meeting even if you’re not a member or if you’ve never competed before.  We welcome everyone to come and see what goes on and how Our Gang operates.  If you have questions, concerns or an idea you’d like to present, the meetings are the best place to do it.  Some topics may be tabled (i.e. rule changes) to a future meeting.  Also, it’s important to note that only current Our Gang Members may vote on issues brought up.  See the schedule page for exact meeting times and dates.  We meet at the Brunswick Zone Bowling Alley off of I-70 and Kipling.  The meeting room is next to the arcade, you can get directions at the main desk.

What is a Protest and how do they work?

Protests are the way we ensure a fair racing environment; they allow drivers to have a voice.  There are 2 ways in which a protest can be filed.

The first is to protest an Our Gang error.  Only those involved may file a protest.  To do this you must go to the Head Official involved ASAP (ie: right after your heat), this ensures the best decision will be made.  The Center Ice Official if you’re protesting a call made on the track , The Head of Staging Official if you’re protesting a staging decision, or The Tech Committee if you’re protesting placement in a division. The officials will only talk with you if you’re calm and in control; you will be held responsible if you act inappropriately.  They will investigate your protest, if all the rules were followed and the officials involved stand behind the decision made, the decision will be FINAL.  If you feel your Protest was not handled appropriately; you can then escalate to the President (who acts as Our Gang’s head official) and they can decide to let the decision stand or investigate further with the Board of Directors.

The second type of protest, allows you to protest another driver or vehicle.  You must go to the President ASAP.  At this time $50 cash deposit is due.  Protests can only be made by the individuals involved and you can only protest rule book infractions and cheating.  The claim will be investigated, if it’s upheld the cash will be returned, if denied the deposit will be retained by Our Gang 4 Wheelers, Inc. for defrayment of costs.  Every driver up there is governed by the same set of rules and method of officiating.  We strive to keep it as fair as possible no matter your division, experience or relation to Our Gang.

Why can’t the Street class run a rough/fast track?

“Rough” or “fast” tracks are the tracks used from cheaters the day before.  There are two reasons the Street division doesn’t run these tracks.  The first reason is safety.  The grooves and burms in these tracks along with faster speeds increase the risk of injury and roll-over.  The second reason is equipment.  These tracks can be really tough on equipment.  The lower profile cars that run Street get stuck, damage can occur with low hanging parts, tires get knocked off their bead and sometimes more serious equipment failures occur because of the rough tracks.  If you want to run a “rough” or “fast” track in bare rubber, bring a helmet and register for Pro Street.

Why are 2 Wheel Drive vehicles not allowed?

Our Gang 4 Wheelers originated from a group of people who were 4 wheel drive enthusiasts and the first races happened at ponds that were only accessible by 4 Wheel Drive trail.  The sport, as it is today, has evolved from that beginning.  This includes the rule that vehicles must be Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive to participate in any of our events (races, practice, etc…).  At this time, we are limited on time (only 6 weekends per season) and current volunteer and sponsorship levels do not support the successful addition of the extra classes and drivers that opening the vehicle classifications would bring.  As an alternative, you can check into other clubs in Colorado that put on races or ice driving classes for non four wheel drive vehicles.

Can I come up and play on the side if my vehicle isn’t allowed?

No, for safety and insurance purposes, only vehicles running in the organized events can be on the ice.  Even then, those not running in an event must remain parked until it’s their turn.  There are other clubs in Colorado that run ice races, you can check around to find events for your vehicle.

Will you have races for snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs or UTVs?

No, Our Gang runs a full schedule with our current classes and events.  We appreciate your interest in ice racing, but we have decided to stay with full size Four Wheel Drive vehicles in our events.  There are other clubs in Colorado that hold ice races special for some of these vehicles, we encourage you to contact them and get involved with their events.

Can I enter one race or do I have to participate all season?

Yes, you can enter just one race.  You can attend any one race, whether it’s the first or last weekend or one in between.  For those of you wondering about Championship Weekend, yes you can come up that weekend even if you’ve never raced before.  We call it Championship Weekend, because it’s the weekend we run all of our extra Championship races and finish out the points races.

Do I have to have a Jeep to participate?

No.  Jeeps have been popular in our group, but you do not need one to race.  Even most of the Competition vehicles, while they look like Jeeps, are not really “Jeep” other than the drive train and maybe the body.  You do need to have a vehicle that is Four Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive to participate.  In our Street classes we’ve had just about every 4×4 make of sedan, wagon, SUV, light truck and full size truck.  If you want to race, bring it up!

What is the Rookie Race?

The Rookie Race is held on select Sundays and is for bare rubber participants.  To register you must meet two requirements:

#1 – You must register and participate in the day’s Street or Pro Street bare rubber race.

#2 – You cannot have won any points or trophies with Our Gang in the last 3 years (2012, 2013 and 2014).  Click here for the list of drivers who are ineligible to enter the Rookie Race.

Drivers who meet both requirements; can register for the Rookie Race for free.  The Rookie Race will take place after all the regularly scheduled events have finished.  Drivers will be paired just like any other race and will race to a top 5 finish.  Only the first place winner of each Rookie Race will receive a prize.  However, everyone that enters can earn points for the Rookie of the Year Championship which will be awarded at the Award Banquet in March.  If there is a tie after the last Rookie Race of the Year; eligible drivers will race off for the over-all Championship.

My vehicle is lowered, is that a problem?

The quick answer is, it could be.  Keep in mind this is considered off road racing, so you should probably have at least 6″ of ground clearance and more for snowy days or bumpy tracks.  The ice is a natural surface and can freeze with undulations and bumps in the surface.  We try not to set up tracks that have big bumps in them for all classes, but sometimes it is unavoidable.  Also, a large amount of snowfall on the ice can be a deterrent for lowered vehicles.  We do not plow snow or manage the ice surface in any way as it is expensive, time consuming and bad for the quality of the ice.  If you are concerned at all, attend a race first to decide for yourself what is best for YOUR vehicle.  We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

A special note for street legal vehicles with ice tires, you would be eligible for Pro Street Bare Rubber.  Most competitors have campaigned to keep Pro Street Bare Rubber on what we call “rough tracks” because they are faster.  We would not recommend this class to anyone with a lowered vehicle if they do not have any sort of skid plate or brace to protect their undercarriage and oil pans.