Join Our Gang

Our Gang consists of volunteers who join to help put on the ice races.  Members take care of all aspects of the races and put in extra time to organize the events and attend meetings.

For 2016, we have structured the membership process and come up with some ways to use our time better.  See the following 4 things we are expecting of members:

1.  Fill out an application in person each season.  The deadline for the 2016 season is December 31, 2015.

2.  Attend one flagger review and safety training each year.  These are short (30 minutes or less) and held right after the regular Our Gang Meetings during the Fall.  There are 3 training sessions, pick one and attend.

3.  All members will work one course position each race day they register.  This position will be assigned and we’ll work with everyone to get them in the position they want to work (this is part of the application now).  This will help keep the day flowing, split the work load more evenly, make sure all members have a start and end time for flagging and make sure all racers have experienced officials running their race.

4.  Please notify our Secretary if you will or will not make our scheduled events and meetings.  Attendance is not required, but communication about your attendance is.  This is so we can plan for the logistics of all of our events better.

Most of our members work for the love of ice racing and for their friends and family who love to race too.  But there are also perks for donating their time and effort; they have the ability to vote on issues, they can purchase discounted prepays for entry (or free entry in some positions with a higher workload) and they can participate in Fun Day Happy Hours.

You are not required to be a member of Our Gang 4 Wheelers to compete in the ice races.