Guide for Spectators

Here is some more information for you if you are planning to come up and watch the ice races.  Spectators can watch the races for FREE.

To get to Georgetown, use I-70 & exit at Georgetown, exit #228.  Make your way to the roundabout and head back East towards the lake on the Frontage Road.  Racing takes place at the far East side of the lake, by the dam, and is easily visible from the road.  Parking lots will be on your right.  If you’re coming from Denver, it’s about a 45 minute drive.

You may park in the lots next to the lake.  Georgetown and Our Gang do not allow spectator vehicles on the ice, so you must park in the lots.

Ice and Weather
The weather is usually cold and it is often windy, so dress warmly.  You can walk out onto the ice for a better view, but you do so at your own risk.  Please be careful.  If you venture out to the track, please stand back at least 20 feet from the racing.  Also, do not stand in or near the staging lines.   

Start Times
Races start at 9:30 am.  We will move from one class to another as they are completed; there are no set start times.  You can click on the schedule page to view the planned order of classes for a particular day.

A port-a-let bathroom is provided at the lake.  There is also indoor bathrooms at the Georgetown Visitor’s Center which is a 2 minute drive from the lake.  Georgetown also has gas stations, restaurants, bars and convenience stores very close by.

Best Races To Watch
You can watch any race event.  All races are in a head-to-head format which can be fun to watch.  However, the studded and cheater tire classes are the fastest and therefore the most popular races to watch.

Dogs are allowed on the lake as long as they are on a leash and under your control.

As part of our agreement with Georgetown, alcohol is not allowed on the ice at any time.  Even for spectators.

Photos and Video
Feel free to photograph or take video of our races/drivers from a safe distance.  Please do not stand in the staging line, on the outside of a corner or in the path of a finish line.  If you want to take photo or video on the track, you must obtain permission from Our Gang Officials.

Georgetown has provided trash cans in the parking lot.  Please make sure your trash gets thrown away, even cigarette butts.

Where To Go With Questions
Please ask questions you have by e-mail prior to the event.  At the event, you can ask questions or bring issues to Our Gang Members.  They are the people working the races and are usually wearing club insignia to identify themselves.  Also, if you are given instructions by an Our Gang Official, please follow them as they are for your safety and that of our participants and volunteers.