How are the Division Point Championships awarded?

We have 7 Divisions and all of these Divisions have their own point race.  At the end of the season, the top earner and the runner up are recognized.  The Competition Division has 18 point earning events, the Pro Street Division has 12 point earning events, the Street Divisions have 6 point earning events each.  Points are earned by driving in each of the events like so:
1st Place – 6 points
2nd Place – 5 points
3rd Place – 4 points
4th Place – 3 points
5th Place –  2 points
6th Place and Below – 1 point
We do not recognize ties in the point race.  The tie breakers are applied in the following order:
1.  The driver with the most first place finishes.
2.  The driver with the most second place finishes.
3.  The driver with the most third place finishes.
4.  The driver with the most fourth place finishes.
5.  A tie breaker race between the drivers in the tie.  The winner gets top position.

Point brackets are updated after each weekend and available to see at the Registration Trailer and here on the website.