Is the ice safe?

We always check the ice depth and quality in 4 different areas before we let anyone enter the lake.  The ice in Georgetown averages 12 to 22 inches throughout the two months we race.  We need to have 12 inches to hold a race, 18 inches before we allow trucks and trailers onto the ice and 20+ inches before we allow large RVs out.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re on the ice:

1.  We need to maintain even weight distribution.  We ask that everyone park 20 feet apart in the pit area.  Even individual vehicles need to park with space around them.  Don’t park all in the same area like a parking lot or cluster around the trucks, trailers or RVs that are in the pits.

2.  It is very important that you stay in our area of the lake, which is marked at the boundary.  We share the lake with other outdoor enthusiasts (like ice fisherman).  Also, there are natural springs around the lake (which don’t freeze as deep as the rest of the ice), most of which are outside our racing boundary.

3.  Pay attention to where you are driving and what the surface is like.  We will try to mark old bolt tracks, ice fishing holes and other areas of ice that are healing, so you can drive around them.