How do I register?


Registration is only open on the morning of the event.  Registration opens at approx. 7:30 am and will stay open until 9 am.  You can register late if you wish (only if you have had a Tech inspection done) and you will have to pay a late registration fee.  There are 3 steps in the Registration process.

#1 – Get Your Vehicle It’s Tech Inspection
This only has to be done once a season, at the first race you attend.  If you have already received your sticker and number you can skip this step.

#2 – Fill Out A Waiver/Registration Sheet
This also only has to be done once a season, at the first race you attend.  Sheets are available at the Registration Trailer.  They need to be completely filled out and signed before they can be accepted.  Minors (drivers under 18) must have their parent(s) sign their waiver.  We will also need to see your valid Driver’s License and valid Insurance Card (check your dates to make sure this is current!) at this time to verify the information your waiver.  Once you fill out a waiver, you will be in our database for the season. 

#3 – Pay Your Fees and Pick Your Staging Numbers
At every race you attend, you need to go to the Registration trailer to get registered for the day’s events.  Here you’ll pay your entry fees (remember to bring Cash!) and pick a staging number for every class you register to race in.  Put the number(s) on your headlight, windshield or bumper, so you can remember what they are.  These numbers are important because it is how we line up drivers in staging.  Numbers are selected randomly.  

Registration is a good place to meet other drivers and get your questions answered.  If you need any help with the process you can come to the Registration trailer.