My vehicle is lowered, is that a problem?

The quick answer is, it could be.  Keep in mind this is considered off road racing, so you should probably have at least 6″ of ground clearance and more for snowy days or bumpy tracks.  The ice is a natural surface and can freeze with undulations and bumps in the surface.  We try not to set up tracks that have big bumps in them for all classes, but sometimes it is unavoidable.  Also, a large amount of snowfall on the ice can be a deterrent for lowered vehicles.  We do not plow snow or manage the ice surface in any way as it is expensive, time consuming and bad for the quality of the ice.  If you are concerned at all, attend a race first to decide for yourself what is best for YOUR vehicle.  We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle.

A special note for street legal vehicles with ice tires, you would be eligible for Pro Street Bare Rubber.  Most competitors have campaigned to keep Pro Street Bare Rubber on what we call “rough tracks” because they are faster.  We would not recommend this class to anyone with a lowered vehicle if they do not have any sort of skid plate or brace to protect their undercarriage and oil pans.