What happens when I go on track for my race?

You will be paired to race another driver.  When you go on track, you both will drive out to your individual start gates.  The Center Ice Official will line each of you up at the start line using hand motions.  Once you are set, the Center Ice Official will point the flag at you, if you are ready give them a nod.  They will do so for the other competitor before placing the flag on the ice, once they lift the flag off the ice GO!  Do not move before the flag leaves the ice or you will be disqualified!  The objective is to navigate the course without hitting any pylons and be the first to return to your start gate.  Flaggers are positioned around the course to watch for DQs.  Two officials watch the finish line to determine who crosses first.  The Center Ice Official will point the checkered flag at the winner for everyone to see.  Always finish your lap, even if you make a mistake you may still win your round.  And always stick around after the heat until staging dismisses you; you may be eligible for a run-off.