What is a Protest and how do they work?

Protests are the way we ensure a fair racing environment; they allow drivers to have a voice.  There are 2 ways in which a protest can be filed.

The first is to protest an Our Gang error.  Only those involved may file a protest.  To do this you must go to the Head Official involved ASAP (ie: right after your heat), this ensures the best decision will be made.  The Center Ice Official if you’re protesting a call made on the track , The Head of Staging Official if you’re protesting a staging decision, or The Tech Committee if you’re protesting placement in a division. The officials will only talk with you if you’re calm and in control; you will be held responsible if you act inappropriately.  They will investigate your protest, if all the rules were followed and the officials involved stand behind the decision made, the decision will be FINAL.  If you feel your Protest was not handled appropriately; you can then escalate to the President (who acts as Our Gang’s head official) and they can decide to let the decision stand or investigate further with the Board of Directors.

The second type of protest, allows you to protest another driver or vehicle.  You must go to the President ASAP.  At this time $50 cash deposit is due.  Protests can only be made by the individuals involved and you can only protest rule book infractions and cheating.  The claim will be investigated, if it’s upheld the cash will be returned, if denied the deposit will be retained by Our Gang 4 Wheelers, Inc. for defrayment of costs.  Every driver up there is governed by the same set of rules and method of officiating.  We strive to keep it as fair as possible no matter your division, experience or relation to Our Gang.